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Nursery School
Kids at Playground

A Champion For Our Public Schools

We need Lisa’s public school leadership as we get our schools back on track after the pandemic to ensure our kids have the supports they need to compete in our global economy

A Champion For Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe

Lisa works everyday to ensure our first responders have the tools, staffing and resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. She has worked to increase trust between law enforcement

Small Business Owner

A Champion For Our Small Businesses

Lisa knows our small businesses were hit hard by the pandemic and is ready to bring new investments into our community to ensure our small businesses can grow , thrive and create jobs.

Calculating Budget

A Champion For Keeping Our Community Affordable

We are all worried that seniors and our kids can’t afford to live in the city they’ve lived in or grew up in. Lisa will work to bring more affordable housing throughout the region so our communities stay affordable for families and seniors.

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